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Chopbuilder 2.0 The Ultimate Guitar Workout: $39.95

Upgraded now with new features including Guitar Pro files of all the exercises plus mp3 & Guitar Pro backing tracks. Awesome!
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Keep those chops in shape!

This Gambale classic has helped thousands of guitar players all over the world to keep their chops in shape with this incredible three-times-a-week guitar exercise routine.

New and Improved!

We've brought this awesome Gambale Classic up-to-date with the video booklet now as a Guitar Pro file and pdf. We've also added backing tracks as mp3s and Guitar Pro files plus, we've made navigation easy by separating each chapters so you can concentrate on each one separately to really nail it, or play along with the full video version from beginning to end. 

This video will increase your guitar fitness, strengthen your hands, and increase your speed and dexterity while improving your knowledge of music theory and the guitar fingerboard. Frank places a heavy emphasis on endurance through this challenging and motivational video. 

Throw away your old VHS or DVD version and get Lifetime access now to Chopbuilder 2.0 and enjoy the new features as never before.

What's Included?

75 Minute Workout Video
  • Now for the first time ever with Guitar Pro & PDF booklet with all the examples.

  • New New Backing Tracks as Guitar Pro files and MP3.  

  • 10 sections each devoted to a different challenge such as; 
    • Alternate Picking
    • String-Skipping 
    • All Scales
    • Sweep Picking
    • Warm-up and Cool-down exercises
    • Triads
    • Pentatonic exercises too.

It's all here in this Gambale video classic. Give your chops and brain, the ultimate play along workout CHOPBUILDER.